CNE – The Acronym Ontarians Don’t Need Explained

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August 14, 2019


Spencer Poprawski

If you’re a born and bred Ontarian, hearing the three letters C, N, and E, in that order, triggers many childhood memories of spinning rides, twisting funhouses, and Tiny Tom donuts. The CNE is a staple of Ontario’s ever-growing culture, and almost every Southern Ontarian will have similar stories about the CNE, as they navigated their way through their childhoods.

Starting on August 16th and taking place over the 18 days leading up to and including Labour Day, the end-of-summer ritual is affectionately embraced by more than 1.5 million visitors annually, each of whom reflect the rich diversity of Toronto and the region.  Best of all, this isn’t just a young person’s festival – the CNE encourages people of all ages to come out with their friends and families to get involved in the many facets of what makes the CNE a Canadian treasure.

This is Gaggi/VMC’s 13th year partnering with Field Day, and the CNE, for their media needs. The 2019 edition of the CNE campaign will include a multitude of facets in both digital and traditional media.

Supported by Digital – tickets for the General Admission Pass, the Ride All Day Pass, Gaming Garage, the Air Show, and Comedy Night are all available for purchase online. Our e-commerce campaign for the CNE will look to capitalize on the online age that is upon us, and aid customers entering the Fair, without having to wait in the ticket lines.

Traditional media will also support the Fair.  Gaggi/VMC has engaged Gatefold Wraps, TTC buses, streetcars, and GO trains.  CNE messages will also take over your local radio airwaves with messaging, targeting not only English audiences, but also supporting many in-language stations and programs, reflective of Toronto’s diverse population. Newspaper will also heavily feature CNE messaging, highlighting timely event news.

The main attraction is the CNE’s General Admission Pass, which allows for all access to shows and exhibits for any one day, for people of all ages. This is the CNE’s bread and butter, and the best way to get a taste of what the CNE can deliver. The Ride All Day Pass represents good fun for those people who want a more immersive mid-way experience, and with the amount of options available at the Fair, it also represents good value.  This year will also feature online, and onsite, 50/50 draw ticketing.  Supporting the CNE Foundation, and with a guaranteed jackpot of $500,000, it’s worth keeping an eye out for our online 50/50 campaign.

If you like amusement park rides, gaming, great food, and a three-day long air show, the CNE is the place for you. The Canadian charm is just a bonus.



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