Making every dollar work as hard as possible for your marketing plan requires humans.

Don’t accept cool analytics.

Analytics are not a prize in and of themselves; they are valuable when they are a tool used to make campaigns better.

Gaggi Media has a highly adaptable media analytics department. The standard set of analytics tools – comScore, Google Analytics and AdWords reporting, ad serving data, programmatic and network level vendor insights – are fantastic tools, but they are available to everyone.

What sets Gaggi apart – and we hear this time and time again from our clients and vendors – is the level of human engagement we give a media campaign.

When campaign performance is struggling to meet your goals, we are able to apply understanding of the product-specific market factors acting on a campaign in order to adjust the relevant variables that will streamline performance. Every campaign message, with every media partner, with every KPI has a unique mixture of factors that determine their efficiencies. Only with human analysis, and a strong understanding of the campaign environment, are you able to unlock optimal performance.

“Set it and forget it” – like a big agency will serve you – does not give you that efficiency. Assigning an intern to keep an eye on your campaign does not give you that efficiency.

Part of what makes this work is building reports that integrate multiple data sources. We marry vendor insights with ad serving data and site analytics.

The key ingredient, however, is collaboration from the top to bottom. We understand what our vendors need to thrive toward particular objectives, and we share insights other agencies are resistant to sharing in order to help them help us help you. We apply insights about your audience, your market, and the online advertising market. And we use that understanding, and those insights, to build media plans from the very foundation.

Don’t accept flashy dashboards. Don’t accept cheap deals at the expense of account engagement. Demand your agency give your campaigns the attention and brain power they deserve.

Or just go with us.

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