‘Gaggi is one of 5 agencies in this country that are consistently pushing us for more intelligent metrics’ - Kevin Williams, eyeReturn (Third Party Ad Server)

Acquisition or Performance media is a highly specialized practice within the already specialized digital media planning and buying landscape.

If customer acquisition is part of your digitial marketing strategy, Gaggi Media has the expertise and the analytic tools to bring the most value to your customer acquisition spend.

Gaggi Media works closely with our performance based clients to carefully analyze the desired Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S), and from there, build out a campaign designed with one very clear objective—to drive results, at the most efficient price.

As far removed from the ‘Set and and Forget It’ mindset (relying on the vendor tech) as we could possibly be, Gaggi recognizes that the human element of media optimization is critical to maintaining both conversion volumes, and highly efficient costs per acquisition.

Our daily collaborations with our vendors and our clients allows us to develop a shared language and an agreed upon set of goals, that can be understood and used to our clients’ advantage, on all sides of the table.  This collaboration permits us to actually negotiate with programmatic advertising vendors, adding an additional lever for improving performance.

‘Thanks for sending – appreciate this thorough feedback! I wish everyone did this!’ — Jill Carr, Quantcast (Acquisition and Attribution vendor)

Beyond our relentless monitoring and optimizations, Gaggi also works with advanced attribution models, in order to shift from the possibly limiting and one dimensional ‘Last Touch’ optimizations, thereby assigning true value to all of our vendor partners.

From mature performance campaigns (SCENE, The Globe and Mail) to our work with start ups (New Leaf Airlines) and clients newly moving into this space, (CNE, RSA), Gaggi Media brings a high level of sophistication to customer acquisition, resulting in continually improving performance.

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