Media Buying

Gaggi Media strongly believes in the power of paid media to bring consumers through the entire purchase funnel.

Paid, Earned and Owned Media.

Today too many clients are trying to get away with as little paid media as possible, believing that their owned digital media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Website etc.) and earned media (PR) will be enough to satisfy their awareness and sales goals. What is suffering is the long term impact (top of the funnel) of brand advertising and awareness.

Today the media landscape is so highly fragmented it takes the expertise that Gaggi Media has acquired over the past 25 years to sort it out, pay the right price and reach enough of the right audiences.

Digital media advertising is a powerful communications tool and it is getting stronger as we are able to hyper target and engage customers in so many ways. Digital media must be planned and purchased strategically, not like a price-point commodity that reaches the wrong audiences.

The primary way global media agencies get lower rates is by making agency-wide volume commitments to various media suppliers even before they know the needs of their individual clients. At Gaggi we have no “hidden” obligations to any media supplier. We select only the media mix that will most effectively deliver the advertiser’s message to the right consumer target group, in the most cost efficient manner. We believe that’s real value.

Gaggi does not believe media is a commodity, just like most marketers don’t believe their brands are commodities. Media is no different. We bring great VALUE to our clients

We are strong and tenacious media negotiators with a long history of successful and cost effective campaigns.

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