Strategic Media Planning

Developing a Traditional and Digital media plan with a solid strategy is one of our core competencies.

Effective media strategies are created through a deep understanding, not only of the individual medium’s capabilities, but of individual client objectives.  The experience and discipline to align these allows Gaggi Media to build informed, unbiased, and effective media plans, capable of driving everything from broad awareness to quantifiable performance success metrics, and everything in between.

Our approach allows Gaggi Media to be on the cutting edge of the dynamic and evolving media frontier. A major benefit for you!

At Gaggi we operate in real time. Consumers in all demographic groups are changing the ways they use all media, online and off, rapidly and often. At Gaggi we track all relevant media research data on a regular basis. We are able to truly see the whole picture…we know what is going on right now and we use this data to build the media strategies that are precisely aligned to our target audiences use of various media. We call it “finding the Strategic Balance” and all of our media plans are subject to this scrutiny and vigorous process.

Balanced strategic media plans mean that nothing is “cookie cutter”. Gaggi Media custom builds media plans, specifically designed to meet your unique goals and objectives. Our approach includes:

  • Understanding your business, products, and/or services.
  • Identifying the demographic, lifestyle and media profiles, of your customers.
  • Investigating your customers’ interests, activities and attitudes.
  • Strategic thinking to determine the most effective and efficient media mix to deliver messages to your customers.
  • We develop different options and make recommendations based on optimizing costs, audience reach, potential engagement and response.
  • Our strategic media recommendations are backed up with strong analysis and rationale.

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