Are you Casting Too Small a Net with Digital Media Marketing?

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September 6, 2016


Laura Gaggi

Marketers are investing more in digital with each passing year, and advancements in device technology have made it easier for brands to connect with consumers immediately, wherever they are, and in a hyper targeted way. eMarketer predicted in December 2015 that digital ad spending in Canada would grow 10% in 2016—about three times the rate of total media ad spending in the country.  At Gaggi Media we have seen a shift of spend out of television to focus on digital, in some cases up to 100%. Digital provides amazing opportunities to connect with the right consumer at the right time in their path to purchase, but we believe there are times when a pure digital media campaign weakens the message. By understanding the consumer journey and what each screen means to the viewer, marketers can find the optimal mix of digital media and TV to engage the consumer in the most meaningful way possible.

Branding vs. Tactical Campaigns

In our 25-year history, Gaggi Media has seen the growth in digital and how powerful it can be for brands. One area where a heavily digital media marketing campaign is effective is when the objective is customer acquisition. Regardless of whether the client’s performance marketing campaign is mature or if they are just breaking in to the market, we’ve learned that acquisition will never not be digital again. However acquisition is the end of the purchase funnel. Unless the strategy is pure acquisition (which some are), marketers need an integrated media strategy to engage consumers, and ultimately to feed them into the top of the funnel. However some marketers opt instead to focus on tactical digital campaigns in lieu of branding.

In travel marketing, we’ve seen a struggle between branding and tactical campaigns. This is especially true for companies that focus on cheap flight deals, car rentals, hotel rentals, and the like—whenever price is the driver, tactical campaigns rule. This also holds true in the FinTech industry, where endless waves of FinTech companies enter the market in North America, but only a few become household names. Don’t wait until the funnel runs dry to begin awareness marketing.

Extend your Reach

Digital media allows marketers to retarget a consumer based on factors like behaviour or interest, giving marketers and their clients the impression that there will be less waste and more efficient spending with digital media. However, digital media’s reach is, in part, small by design. What we love about digital marketing is it only serves ads to consumers who have shown an interest; i.e. consumers who are already in the funnel. Marketers miss out on the discovery stage of their brand strategy when they cast too small a net. And the best medium to achieve reach is still TV.

A recent CBS study showed TV advertising surpassed digital advertising in both spending and reach in cross-platform campaigns. The study included 315 brands that ran digital and TV campaigns, based on data from Nielsen. TV was the big winner to a double-digit tune: “the average target reach for ads was 67%– 53% of those only saw TV ads, 9% saw both TV and digital, and just 5% saw only digital,” according to the study. The reach that TV provides plays a significant role in awareness and branding that cannot be replaced by digital.

Two Screens are Better Than One


Marketers who want to improve online campaign performance and achieve reach should consider a multi-screen approach. We believe that digital media and TV are not competitors;  they are a power couple. Digital media performance improves when it is part of an integrated media strategy and consumers are exposed to awareness marketing as well as digital advertising. ABC released a study that assessed the impact of TV in media campaigns and found that multiplatform TV advertising “has a significant halo effect on search, display, and short-form video advertising.” Paid search benefits the most from TV’s halo, as branded search peaks when run as part of an integrated media campaign. Likewise, consumers are more likely to click through display ads “when they’re exposed to awareness advertising on multiplatform TV. The study stated “a significant portion of the ROI generated by search, display, and short-form video is only attainable when ads on those three channels are run in conjunction with Multiplatform TV advertising.”

Cross-screen media campaigns are also valuable because they speak to changing consumer behaviour. Viewers multi-task while they watch TV and will engage with their TV content on other devices as they watch. According to a study by Google and comScore, 44% of multi-taskers will perform activities related to the content they are watching, creating opportunities for marketers to utilize TV to drive digital behaviour. Marketers need to understand the function of each screen in the consumer’s path to purchase, and strategize a campaign that utilizes them effectively. They can do that by creating awareness on TV with a call to action to engage further on their smaller screens.

When marketers focus on pure digital campaign tactics, they risk making a major sacrifice—branding. Depending on your campaign objectives, the ratio of digital to other media touch points will differ. Media planners have the tools and resources to find the right ratio for the brand’s target demographic and campaign objectives. At Gaggi Media Communications, we are able to negotiate the best strategy for your brand and campaign objectives, from awareness marketing, through amplification to customer acquisition.  Building an integrated media plan and utilizing each screen effectively will move the campaign far past where digital media marketing can go alone.



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Laura Gaggi

Laura Gaggi

Chief Executive Officer, Gaggi Media

Laura is one of Canada’s most experienced media advertising strategists and media buyers with 14 years at large media advertising agencies. She is the owner of Gaggi Media and Peloton Media, a sister digital programmatic media agency.

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