SCENE Awareness Campaign Reaches Over 60,000 Views in First Weekend!



September 8, 2016


Laura Gaggi

Congratulations to SCENE on a stellar first week of their newest awareness program. To create awareness among young adults in English Canada, the campaign utilizes MUCH Digital Studios’ Creators, Jus Reign and Danocracy to hit the streets and quiz the audience on movie trivia for a chance to win free SCENE points. Within the first weekend of the campaign, Jus Reign’s video received over 60,000 views, and Danocracy had received over 9,300!

Watch the video by Jus Reign

Watch the video by Danocracy


The program’s objective is to encourage young adults to sign up to the loyalty program and to show them how easy it is to accumulate and redeem points at the movies as well as with SCENE’s partners. The campaign is being amplified through TV spots, digital video/display advertising and social media pushes to reach the target audience.




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Laura Gaggi

Laura Gaggi

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