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February 3, 2017



TV has changed so much in the last 20 years. Are we still advertising there the same way we did 20 years ago?

From pausing, taping, fast-forwarding and scheduling, TV viewership is becoming a more customized experience for Canadians. Viewing habits are shifting to a model where viewers consume TV on their own schedule, wherever they may be, via online streaming and recorded playback, to name a few trends at play today. The rising subscriptions of Netflix show that while consumers may cut the cord from broadcast television, they aren’t falling out of love with TV content. Though the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of TV viewership is changing, Canadians are still watching TV! As viewer habits become more digital and customized, TV and digital media advertising are becoming an ‘either/or discussion for marketers. At Gaggi Media, we think the evolution in TV viewership means that it’s time for marketers to utilize TV as part of their full roster of media choices to maximize their impact and reach in 2017 and beyond.


Plan holistically

Is it TV vs. Digital, or TV plus Digital? At Gaggi Media, we believe marketers can drive the highest impact from their media strategy with a full funnel experience—and that may include digital and TV working in tandem. Our client, SCENE, with Gaggi and Bell Media, created a ‘Members Only’ contest, which saw a SCENE member become a live SCENE MTV Movie Awards correspondent, direct from the red carpet in Los Angeles. SCENE engaged members at home with an opportunity to vote for the First Ever Canadian Fan Choice Award for ‘Who Made the Biggest SCENE?’ Working with MTV, SCENE created 2 editorial pieces filmed on-site in LA that aired during the Canadian broadcast, showcasing the exclusive SCENE content captured by the Correspondent. The Contest winner received back stage access to the event, an interview with Conan O’brien and the job of announcing the Fan Choice winner. The strategy leveraged the real-time ‘water cooler phenomena with Twitter Amplify… The first for an awards show on Canadian Specialty TV.

At FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week 2017, Mark Ritson said TV and digital are not comparable— in fact, to compare them wouldn’t be apples to apples, but more like “comparing apples to a giant refrigerator”. Digital media’s most effective application is lower-funnel activity which is not competitive, but complementary to TV’s unparalleled reach and awareness capability. Digital media can’t replace TV, but it can make the unparalleled reach of TV actionable. According to Think TV, rising internet time among Canadians has brought total TV/Internet time to 47.7 hours per week, “with TV time staying remarkably stable over the last 10 years” (Think TV). A holistic approach to media planning, a multi-platform media strategy, and a full-funnel approach to media strategy can take brands from awareness through to acquisition with greater impact.


Think Outside the Commercial Break


95% of Canadians, including millennials, said that they watch TV (eMarketer, Q4 2015). It’s easy to see why brands such as Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble Co., and Groupon joined the growing list of brands that returned to television advertising last year. Marketers have so many options to utilize TV’s reach in a creative way to reach their demo and drive action.

Sponsorships are one strategy marketers can take to utilize TV outside of the standard commercial model. Gaggi’s Consumer Packaged Goods client, KAO Brands, launched a sponsorship campaign of Say Yes To The Dress Canada  that fused TV and Digital media to bring two of KAO’s brands, Jergens and John Frieda, to women who were interested in beauty. The TV play, focused around the idea of “getting ready for your big day”, included premium-placed vignettes that ran between the content and regular commercials, as well as sponsor billboards and promo occasions during other shows to promote SYTTDC with “brought to you by” tags. The sponsorship campaign was supported digitally with box ads, takeover of ‘SYTTD Canada’ show page and article content featuring each brand that ran alongside the TV campaign.


Spend Wisely


The right media mix based on a brand’s marketing objectives can take your brand to the next level. Media agency partners can help plan a balanced strategic media strategy within a budget that will drive performance goals. Balanced strategic media plans mean that nothing is “cookie cutter”; we choose the most effective media options to reach a brand’s target, and allocate media spends to drive the best impact from each medium.

Marketers need to allocate a media budget that matches their marketing objectives. Marketers who are committed to driving results may need to raise the ceiling on their media spending in order to achieve reach, frequency, continuity and impact. Otherwise, marketers run the risk of sacrificing results—be it awareness, or sales— by not placing marketing as a main priority.


Gaggi Media has been embracing change in the media industry for 25 years. We are highly capable of working magic with some very challenging media budgets and have produced cutting edge thinking and results for our clients across many categories. To learn more about how we can take your brand from Awareness, through Amplification to Acquisition, contact us.



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