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May 17, 2017


Laura Gaggi

This year marks Gaggi Media’s 25th anniversary. We have held a unique place as one of the few Canadian independent media agencies in Canada, and as a well-respected 360 strategic media planning company working with many national and international accounts. After a quarter century of creating media solutions for clients across all categories, today our work as media planners and buyers still isn’t done. The media landscape is everchanging; consumers can get the news, make a purchase, talk to an agent, or download a movie anywhere there’s an internet connection. They feel differently about products and define value and quality differently. Consumers own more screens now, using them all differently. The media industry is a different place now than it was 25 years ago—but, so is Gaggi Media.

Over the next few months, Gaggi Media will look at evolution across key industry categories and discuss how brands have evolved to adapt and thrive in the fast lane, and media’s role in moving brands forward. Like the media landscape which is evolving before our eyes, media agencies need to be willing to reinvent themselves, wear different hats and find new methods of reaching their consumer to stay on the leading edge. The media industry is evolving… Are you keeping pace?

What’s your Secret?

scene-collage2Gaggi Media was formed during a paradigm shift; media agencies were breaking away from full-service agencies and becoming independent, and as a result media became a price driven commodity. We believed media was a strategic communications tool, and we found our niche in the marketplace offering high quality, highly targeted media solutions while other agencies were focusing on price… and we haven’t stopped evolving since. That focus on quality and insight-driven strategy allowed us to pioneer many high impact media firsts in Canada, like MINI in a Cage, and Toronto Raptors subway wraps. Have a look at some more of Gaggi’s Media Firsts.

From Gaggi Media’s inception, we have always placed a high value on research and collaborating toward better solutions. We’ve evolved as business partners, stepping outside what might be thought of as a sales role and working together with best-in-class vendors, uncovering new insights and digital tactics to power high-impact media solutions. This philosophy has helped us to anticipate and respond to the media landscape and the challenges our clients face, and is part of the reason we have been able to maintain long lasting business relationships with our clients, like the CNE, which we’ve been working with for 10 years, and SCENE LLP, for 9 years.

The Internet of Media

gam-thumbnail-800-x-415The impact of the internet on brands across all categories has been astounding. For many brands, the IoT meant the difference between growth into new markets, and being rendered obsolete. Many marketers thought of the internet as a death sentence for TV. Newscasts, networks, and programs faced this very choice, and marketers went back to the drawing board on their TV budgets. Those that embraced the new challenges of the internet and integrated it into their strategy unlocked new opportunities that no single media could do alone: hyper targeting consumers based on interest and demographic, customizing the brand experience, and even making traditional media measurable… while still utilizing TV’s unparalleled reach. Media strategists can help brands manage this evolution into the digital space, from their very first step like we did with The Globe and Mail; once a print only national newspaper, is now leading the industry in both, print and digital readership.

The data and sophisticated capabilities of digital media have opened many doors for the media industry, unlocking new ways to customize the brand experience, uncover and respond to consumer behavior, and create a full-funnel media experience. Digital has allowed us to evolve from one-way media to interactive media, so we can interact and respond to the consumer in real time, enhancing our campaigns, as we’ve seen for our acquisition clients. But marketers need to find a strategic balance. We must understand the value, and limitations of ALL media options available to help move our clients’ businesses forward. This will only become more important as tech brings digital deeper into the consumers’ life.

Time For a Change

As long as tech continues to evolve and consumer behaviour continues to change, so too will the job of media planners and buyers. Media agencies of tomorrow will exist in a different way as tech creates new capabilities and consumer behaviour influences our approach. By breaking down traditional thinking about the role of media, un-siloing the work media agencies do and sharing data, marketers can utilize media agencies as a more strategic and powerful business partner to drive even better results. Let’s unlock tomorrow’s exciting possibilities … Today.

Over the next few months, we will take a closer look at the evolution of technology and behaviour across key business categories including Communication, Retail/Fashion, Sports & Entertainment and Travel, and discuss the impact of media.



About the author

Laura Gaggi

Laura Gaggi

Chief Executive Officer, Gaggi Media

Laura is one of Canada’s most experienced media advertising strategists and media buyers with 14 years at large media advertising agencies. She is the owner of Gaggi Media and Peloton Media, a sister digital programmatic media agency.

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