From Tweeting your President to Buying Blue Jeans: How Communication has Changed



September 21, 2017



Media, Reinvented

The work I’ve seen from Canada and around the world while judging media competitions, including this year’s MIA’s, has been awe inspiring. The common denominator in most of the out-of-the-box execution has been technology and the insights we’re getting from this incredible amount of data we can now capture. Technology is allowing us to communicate in completely news ways and the insights are making it even more effective. We are working with a blank canvas. Media today holds so much potential.

The big trends that technology and IoT together have opened in the way we communicate are:

  1. Real time
  2. Social Engagement
  3. Instant contact, instant gratification
  4. Targeted and personal
  5. Measurement

These components have helped blow the roof off the media industry. With the technology and data insights available today, brands can develop strong, cost-effective integrated campaigns that go far beyond what we could ever do before. Media planners today can rewrite the playbook on reaching consumers and telling a story that resonates with them, and building a relationship between the consumer and the brand. “Data driven placement” is more complex, targeted and insightful than ever before.

Instant Connection

The retail industry was revolutionized when consumers could shop online. Sharks in Australian waters are being microchipped and send a tweet to swimmers when they come too close to shore. The President of the United States is very active and vocal on Twitter (people can now retweet their President. Let that sink in). The Internet’s connectedness is changing the way consumers engage and share information, from elections and natural disasters, to how we buy blue jeans. As marketers, we need to innovate with our clients to help them capitalize on the great new opportunities in media.

Media strategists have greater ability to be proactive, to anticipate changes and optimize to conditions like the weather, inventory availability, and so on. Working with clients in the travel industry, Gaggi Media created digital ads that changed to reflect seat availability as sales were running.

Getting Personal

Tech advancements and data insights allow marketers to tailor campaigns in new ways and involve the consumer like never before. Today’s consumer values the ability to customize their products and experiences (Mintel), a perfect complement for the flexibility and targeting capabilities that digital media allows. Digital is taking the audience targeting from being a demographic, to a person. Marketers can target consumers based on their interests and habits, thanks to data that digital media was built to collect. This can only improve the basis of media campaigns when brands embrace tech and innovation.

Traditional media such as TV and print have adapted to digital environments to capture consumers based on their behaviours. Some companies, like Netflix and Huffington Post, are even born as digital-first media companies.

Shareworthy Moments

While working with CPG brand, John Frieda, Gaggi Media helped develop an experiential campaign that put the consumer inside the ad at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto. The campaign extended the location based experiential campaign online with the social media hashtag, #ahairbetter where consumers were encouraged to share their experience with the brand.

Social networks and digital environments are a new hotbed of opportunity. The IoT can help take a stunt, or event and explode it into a wide-reaching experience. Technology and the IoT have taken advertising from a one-way discussion to an interactive experience where consumers can participate and even influence the campaign.

Media is Hitting the High Notes

It’s an exciting time to be in media! Technology and the insights driven from data that we can now capture allows media planners to be more innovative, more creative and more effective than ever. Since Gaggi Media’s inception, our planners have worked to remain on the leading edge of media innovation. Communicating a brand’s story to today’s complex, digital consumer requires media strategists to be more skilled and creative than ever before. The opportunities are exciting and limitless, and the industry will only continue to evolve from here. Gaggi can help brands evolve with changes in their industry from changing smoking regulations to the way they buy outfits. And we can help them achieve real results.



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