Laura Gaggi

Laura is one of Canada’s most experienced media advertising strategists and media buyers with 14 yearsat large media advertising agencies. She is the owner of Gaggi Media and Peloton Media, a sister digital programmatic media agency.

Laura is widely recognized for media creativity, accountability and the ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing media advertising environment. Over the span of her 30+ year career, Laura has managed a wide variety of businesses, from banks, airlines, luxury cars, loyalty programs, grocery chains to high-end retail.

In 2012, Laura handed over the day-to-day operations to Kelly Dutton and became CEO of Gaggi to build and grow the digital programmatic media side of the business and formed sister agency Peloton Media Inc.

Laura has served on numerous industry boards, been a speaker on many industry panels and has continued to be a judge for many media advertising awards both in Canada and internationally.

She has many interests and hobbies but is most passionate about media innovation, her family, travel, antique boats and cooking.